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How to Right-Size Your Condominium Fee - Spotlight: Insurance

How do you account for insurance premiums? And better yet, unpredictable insurance premiums?


How do you make sure your right-sized condominium fee accounts for the best insurance coverage for the lowest premium?


In this session we approach condominium insurance from a legal, technical, financial, and social perspective, as well as answer your top questions, including:

  • The factors that affect your insurance premiums - including what improves and worsens them
  • Strategies to decrease the liability of your condominium community
  • Realistic expectations for premiums, coverage, and how to manage homeowner expectations


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Meet your panelists:

  • Kdodge Headshot-2
    Katie Dodge
    Vice President Real Estate Practice, Partner USI Insurance Services
  • Eric_Churchill-5 (Small)
    Eric Churchill
    Executive Vice President,
    Schernecker Property Services
  • NormOrban_1_Reto_AM_Headshot
    Norm Orban
    Attorney at Law, Partner

    Allcock Marcus

  • Ralph Headshot
    Ralph Noblin
    Founder Noblin Associates
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