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Webinar Series

How to Right-Size Your Condominium Fee

Is a lower condo fee better for your community?


It is tempting to strive for the lowest possible fees year over year. This “set it and forget it” approach may not be the best allocation of community resources to achieve the highest value for homeowners. Determining your community’s ideal fee can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.


Join Allcock Marcus and SPS in a three part webinar series that will take you step by step.


Part 1: Collect the Data, Get the Facts

In this session, you’ll explore:

  • Your fiduciary responsibility and how it relates to setting your condo fee
  • What factors should influence your monthly condominium fee
  • Preparing to right size your condo fee


Part 2: Calculate the Gap

In this session, you’ll explore how, with the facts in hand, to:

  • Calculate your right-sized monthly fee
  • Quantify the gap between your current fee and your right-sized fee
  • Answer the question: If there is a gap, what do you do about it?


Part 3: Create an Actionable Plan 

In this final session, you'll explore how, with the facts and math in hand, creating your plan may include:

  • Maintenance and repair cycles designed to prolong useful life
  • Phased restoration of components and/or entire buildings
  • Comprehensive restoration of the entire community


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Meet your panelists:

  • Eric_Churchill-5 (Small)
    Eric Churchill
    Executive Vice President
    Schernecker Property Services
  • NormOrban_1_Reto_AM_Headshot
    Norm Orman

    Allock Marcus Attorney at Law

  • Ralph Headshot
    Ralph Noblin
    Founder Noblin Associates
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