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The 5 Biggest Maintenance Mistakes Eroding Your Reserve Funds

How to break the repair cycle and create a cost-saving plan for the future

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Properly maintaining your building envelope is crucial to ensuring that your building's components, such as your roofs, siding, trim, and decks, reach their intended lifespan. 


Failure to do so not only leads to the need to prematurely replace these costly components, but also tends to cause additional costly damage behind the surface. This is because deferred maintenance weakens the exteriors of buildings, making them less effective at keeping precipitation out.


Having a fully informed, comprehensive maintenance plan for your community helps you:

  • Get the maximum number of years from your building envelope
  • Avoid costly consequences of deferred maintenance
  • Protect your home's structural integrity
  • Protect your investment in your community


However, most communities lack this fully informed, comprehensive maintenance plan, and instead have a reactive maintenance plan with frequent spot repairs. We've outlined the five most common maintenance mistakes, and what to do to avoid them.


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